Scientific Committee

Andrew Elder, FRCGP DEd (Hon)

General Practitioner for 36 years in an inner London teaching practice, and retired in April 2008. He joined his first Balint Group in 1972 and worked with Enid Balint from 1977 until her death in 1994. He contributed to two books which arose out of research with Enid Balint – “While I’m Here, Doctor” (1987) and “The Doctor, the Patient and the Group” (1993). He was a consultant at the Tavistock Centre in London and was awarded an honorary doctorate in recognition of his work in mental health and primary care in 2017. Until recently he was co-ordinator of the International Balint Federation (IBF) leadership task force.

Heide Otten,

Born in 1944. Medical school in Göttingen and Munich/Germany, from 1964 to 1970. Doctoral thesis: Max-Planck Institut for Psychiatry, Munich, 1972. Specialization as a GP and in Psychotherapy. Working in private practice. In Balintwork since 1979. Balintgroup leader since 1987. Secretary of the German Balint Society from 1991 to 2013. President of the International Balint Federation from 2001 to 2007. Vice-President of Ascona Foundation. She wrote: “The theory and practice of Balint Group Work”, Routledge, Abingdon, UK, 2018; “Leading a Balint Group”, Psyllabus, Moscow, 2017; and papers about Balintwork in different journals.

Alice Polomeni,

Clinical psychologist with psychoanalytical training, graduated from São Paulo University (Brazil), Paris VII University and École de Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (France). She works in Clinical hematology and cellular therapy service in Hôpitaux de Paris. Member of the Medical Psychology and General Practice Departments in the Paris Est-Créteil University. Teacher in Pierre et Marie Curie University and Paris 7 University. Credited leader of the Societé Medical Balint and member of the administration council.

Albert Lichtenstein PhD, LMFT

Clinical Psychologist, Guthrie Medical Group, Sayre Pennsylvania, USA.
Credentialed Leader, Approved Supervisor, Past President, Director of the Balint Group Leader Education Fellowship and Representative to the IBF.
American Balint Society.

Maria Fernanda Jesuino,

Graduated in Philosophy by the University of Lisbon in 1965. Several post-graduated professional training courses on Leadership and Conflict Management, more specifically since 1991 on Health Communication. From 2002 onwards have been working both as single and with a co.leader with Balint Groups, leading 5 groups, some of them during 10 years, within the context of family doctors inside the Portuguese NHS. In 2016 she started a monthly supervision of one Balint group. Research activity focused on the validation of the Jefferson Empathy Scale, before and after the participation in Balint Groups, and a longitudinal analysis of 87 cases over two years originated in the groups under her leadership.