IBF Bursary


We are delighted once again to be offering bursaries for successful candidates to support their attendance at the IBF Congress in Porto, Portugal 11-15 September 2019. There will be four bursaries of 400 Euros each.

Preference will be given to candidates who are presenting work at the Congress.
Winners will be expected to submit a brief written report of their experiences at the supported activity.
Please note that the deadline for applications is MAY 10TH 2019. Successful applicants will be notified by MAY 25TH 2019.

Goals of the International Bursary Programme

01. Advance Balint work worldwide.

02. Assist IBF member societies with need and potential for growth

03. Support the development of outstanding future leaders internationally.

04. Exposure of Balint leadership to younger members.

05. Encourage participation and leadership in Balint work amongst Family Physicians/GPs.

Requirements for eligibility

01. Must be a member of his/her national society (or individual IBF member).

02. Must have the support of his/her national society (if a member of a national society).

Anyone fulfilling both requirements for eligibility may apply.

If there are more than four applicants, selection will be based on the following criteria:

01. Personal potential for contributing to the development of Balint work in his/her home country.

02. Strength of proposed activities upon returning to the home country.

03. Preference may be given to Family Physicians/GPs but we encourage delegates of all professions to apply.

04. Preference will be given to younger candidates or candidates that have been members of their societies for less than five years.

05. Personal need for financial support.

06. Previous winners will not be considered.

07. Maximum of one bursary per country

Have you applied for an IBF bursary?

Bursary applicants must register for the congress mentioning in the comment box “IBF Bursary” (not pay) by the closing date for bursary applications i.e. May 10th 2019. All applicants will be notified by the IBF board by May 25th 2019 the latest. The IBF will make the congress fee payment for the four successful bursary recipients directly to the conference organizers. Unsuccessful applicants will need to make the early payment deadline of May 30th 2019.