WS 01.
The Art of Medicine: a workshop to help us see through other eyes


The Art of Medicine is an innovative collaboration between an academic healthcare system and a regional modern art museum. It is the first program to combine Balint with an art analysis technique called Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS). Functionally, the ambiguous nature of modern art appears to accelerate the Balint process by priming participants to seek alternative perspectives and engage in deeper emotional processing.

Bickett A.

WS 02.
Group therapy, group supervision, Balint group: similarities and differences

What is common for all three types of groups? And what is different?

Avagimyan A.

WS 03.
The doctor and his patient, when the patient is a doctor


he aim of the workshop is to raise the awareness of how we as doctors take care for ourselves and address our own health and fragilities in professional life.

Speaker Speaker
Nielsen H. Kjedldmand D.

WS 04.
Explore the Mysteries and Magic of the developing co-leader relashionship

This ninety-minute workshop is designed for anyone who is interested in the experience of co-leadership. It is suitable for both those who have worked with a co-leader and those considering doing so.

Speaker Speaker Speaker
Humphreys J. Lovell-Simons L. Meumann F.

WS 05.
Balint group co leadership – opening a window to the group work – action research

The authors have been co leading a group for five years and they are aware that the nature of their relationship often affects the group work and its dynamics. You are invited to join them at a workshop exploring the relations of Balint group co leaders and the way it influences their group.

Speaker Speaker
Cohen D. Krontal S.
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